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Dear writer or artist,

Hi there! Forgive me if this letter seems awkward, this is my first time participating in one of these. :) I look forward to whatever you create for me. There's nothing I love more than fic or art that's created for me, no matter what it is. So thank you in advance!!

(will be editing this post later with prompt's late and my brain is not coming up with any at the moment)

General likes/dislikes:

-I'm asexual so sex really doesn't interest me. Honestly, as soon as characters start making out I'm pretty tuned out. But I do like stuff like cuddling or fluffy sweet relationships, if that makes sense. :)

-I love AUs and what if scenarios. I'm also big on unusual crossovers, I love seeing characters from different fandoms interact. (my NaNoWriMo novel one year was basically how many fandoms can I shove in the TARDIS at once)

-I love my hometown and go nuts over fics/art set in Chicago. :D

Kamen Rider W

-Currently my top favorite fandom. I do ship Philip & Shotaro, but as partners and very close friends. As soon as a fic has them actually making out, I'm done. But doing sweet stuff for each other, cuddling, going out on a "date", that's all good.
-I totally ship Ryuu and Akiko and I love that it's now canon that they're married with a daughter. Especially love that Ryuu is totally wrapped right around his little girl's finger. Again, I'm not at all interested in sex, but I do ship them and I love their goofy way of showing their love in the show (particularly the fact that Ryuu never calls her Akiko, just "Chief", that's too adorable IMO).
-I don't really ship Philip and Wakana, cuz well they're siblings, but I do like their relationship in the latter part of the show when Wakana starts accessing the Library. It's an interesting dynamic.
-They're not on the tag list but I adore Shotaro's little circle of "informants" - Santa-chan, Watcherman, Queen & Elizabeth, Jinno & Makura. Feel free to toss them in!

Prompt ideas:

-Philip researching Halloween

-Halloween Dopant?

-Story based on the following text message convo (from a random Facebook page), could be either Philip or Shotaro as the drinker (though my friends and I think it's more likely Shotaro)
Text message convo

Doctor Who (both classic and new)

-Fourth Doctor is my favorite! I love teaming him up with anyone, really. Companions from other eras (I'm fond of teaming him with my all-time favorite Companion, Jamie MacCrimmon), or even characters from other fandoms.
-Seven and Ace are another favorite pairing. Their dynamic is just so fun! "Ace, give me some of that Nitro-9 you're not carrying" :)
-My favorite new series Doctor is Capaldi. I like him with Clara, but I'd also love to see him with other companions.
-Favorite new series companions are Donna, Madame Vastra & Jenny, and Amy & Rory.
-I like Captain Jack in Doctor Who but I'm kinda turned off on Torchwood. Long story, Torchwood please.

Prompt ideas:

-The Doctor taking a companion or companions to the "first" Halloween (could be first Halloween in the modern commercial sense or early Samhein.

Highlander: the Series

-Methos. Methos. Methos. I just love reading about the world's oldest man. Especially if he's snarky and annoying the crap out of Duncan.

Prompt ideas

-Methos getting dragged into a costumes-required party at Joe's bar.

-Methos has to deal with some modern-day wanna-be "Horsemen"

Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger

-I love snarky Marvelous. (especially in Zyuohger! OMG he was so snarky and cute!)
-The best part of Gokaiger was that they're space pirates and clueless about Earth. Them exploring Earth stuff is so much fun!

Prompt ideas

-Gokaigers getting introduced to Halloween

Kamen Rider Ghost

-I don't really have any ships in the show, I just love Takeru and how he's always trying to help others.
-Onari and Akari are the best comedy duo and they crack me up with their unintentional humour.

Prompt ideas

-Takeru sneaking into a Halloween party as an invisible ghost.

Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger

-Again, no ships. I love the friendship among the whole team.
-One of my favorite episodes so far was when Sela and Leo had to fight. I loved how she was mad at Leo for holding back because she's a girl. That toughness is one of the best things about Sela.
-I adored the crossover with Gokaiger for the 1999th & 2000th episodes. The Gokaigers and Zyuohgers working together was the best!

Prompt ideas

-Zyuohgers going trick or treating with Uncle Mario, in their Zyuman forms.

I guess that's it! Feel free to post comments with questions...I think I set it so anonymous comments are allowed


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