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Hi all!

Yes, I'm alive. I've been busy but nothing really noteworthy enough to update here. Until now!

Some of you may remember that last year I raffled off a knit Dalek to raise money for my Relay for Life team. Unfortunately those darn Daleks are painful to knit & I have retired from doing so. So instead this year I will knit a Fourth Doctor scarf instead!

It will be raffled off in the same way - one entry for every $10 in donation to my Relay bank as long as you mention the raffle in the note field. So, donating $30 will get you three entries.

I have some of the yarn (I ended up using way less than expected on the Season 16/17 scarf I just did), so I just need to pick up three skeins and I can start. I will have enough for either a Season 12, Season 13, or Season 14.

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Yes, it's that time of year again.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In honor of that I'm posting the pink TARDIS that [ profile] rengeek put up in his journal.

One of the reasons I do Relay for Life every year is because breast cancer has affected my family. My grandmother and aunt are both survivors. Unfortunately a special teacher from high school, Mrs. Carol Papierski, did not survive. She passed away a couple of years after I graduated, after a whirlwind spring of my senior year when she and I shared a hotel room for an FBLA study day, and then she was one of our chaperones for the LA trip to FBLA nationals. I only was in FBLA for a year (and didn't have her for class because she taught special ed), but it's hard not to become close when you share a hotel room with someone.

So please, pass on the pink TARDIS and think about doing something to help the battle against breast cancer this month! One of the ways you can help is by joining Team GEEK as we fundraise for the next Norridge/Harwood Heights Relay for Life!
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Hi all!

Sorry for not posting the winner earlier but after being up for 26 hours straight with only closing my eyes for about 5 minutes while Carole showered, I kind of needed to pass out. So I did for about five hours and now I'm a bit more awake & coherent.

Relay for Life! )

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Okay, I know a lot of you out there really want a knitted Dalek. I've lost track of how many people have begged or even tried swiping some of the Dalek family that I've made. I've been telling people no, because as much as I'd love to make a ton of Daleks, it's really REALLY painful to knit.

Then my friend had an idea. I'm in the process of knitting one last Dalek, pink with hot pink, to raise money for Relay for Life. (sorry for the crummy picture, my camera is misbehaving and my phone isn't getting signal to upload)

I'm *trying* to get it done in time for Relay but it's iffy. I can't do more than two rounds at a time, with LONG breaks between, or I'm in a lot of pain. But I'm making every effort to get it done by the night of our Relay, which is Friday August 13th.

I bet you're asking now, how do I try to win this awesome Dalek? It's very simple!

Donate to our Relay for Life team. For every $10 in donations you get one raffle ticket (so if you donate $50, you get 5 tickets). Make sure you put in the message field that you are entering the Dalek raffle!!

You can donate to me, at my Relay participant page or you can donate to my team, Team GEEK (or even to one of my teammates). I'd prefer if it's to me, since I can see that in my participant center, but as long as the donation goes to someone on my team and you mention the Dalek raffle in the message, you'll get the raffle ticket.

We also will take raffle donations during the event! It will be the same, $10 per ticket. I plan to draw the winning ticket toward the end of the Relay event so maybe 4 or 5 am Saturday morning. Winner need not be present! As long as I have some kind of way of contacting you (so make sure to put your phone and/or email in the donation form!!), I'll get the Dalek to the winner somehow :)

All of the money for this raffle is going directly to the American Cancer Society.
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I'm taking time from your regularly scheduled nerdy journal to make a serious plea.

Do you know someone who's had to deal with that worst scourge of the universe, cancer? Do you never want to hear that filthy word again? Well the American Cancer Society sure wants to eradicate cancer from this universe and the next, but they can't do it without help!

This year my friends and I are fundraising for the Norridge/Harwood Heights Relay for Life, and we are Team GEEK! Because, we're all geeks about something. If you've read my journal I think you can kind of guess what I'm really geeky about ;)

Our Relay is August 13th/14th this year, in Norridge Park. We need donations! We could also use more team members if you want to help us out (if you join as a team member you're not obligated to be there on the night of the event, though we'd love to have you walking the track and hanging out at our campsite).

Check out the Norridge/Harwood Heights Relay for Life event information.

Visit Team GEEK team page!

Donate to my personal page!

If you want to buy a luminaria (they're these little paper bags that we fill with sand and put a candle in; they light the track we walk on), they're $10 and you can buy them online or message me (or comment here) and let me know you want an offline form, I'll get them from our coordinator and get it to you! Luminaria are great to honor someone lost to cancer or still fighting it, the name of who they're purchased in honor of is written on the bag and they read off the names off during the luminaria ceremony.

There's also a survivor lap for cancer survivors (and that includes those fighting now).

If you want to make an offline donation, let me know. There's a few ways to do it.

Help us work toward seeing the end of cancer!!!!
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Hello all!

I just wanted to take a minute to let everyone know about a special charity event I am participating in next weekend. This year I am participating in the Relay for Life to help raise money for the American Cancer Society.

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Thanks, and I return you to your regularly scheduled LiveJournal madness :)


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