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Hey all!

Just had to post that [ profile] huskyfriends has written a couple of short fics with my characters in my AU Torchwood Universe!

(I'm just copy-pasta-ing her headers :)

Title: Owena's Little Secret
Author: [ profile] huskyfriends
Series: Torchwood
Character: Dr. Owena Harper
Rating: PG-13
Beta: Going commando
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood or the characters therein, the original characters belong to the BBC and RTD. The character of Dr. Owena Harper belongs to the AU Torchwood of knitchick1979
Summary: Owena deals with the events of, unfortunately, just another day at Torchwood.
Author's Note: For some this bunny bit me and not [ profile] knitchick1979. The characters are used with permission of [ profile] knitchick1979 and hopefully this will help push her TBB fic.

~ ~ ~ * ~ ~ ~

Title: The Case of Jacqueline Harkness
Author: [ profile] huskyfriends
Series: Torchwood
Characters: Jacqueline Harkness, Iana Jones, Yvonne Hartmann, OCs
Rating: R
Beta: Going Commando
Spoilers: Jacqueline has the same gift Jack does
Dislcaimer: I do not own Torchwood or the characters therein, the original characters belong to the BBC and RTD. The characters of Captain Jacqueline Harkness and Iana Jones belongs to the AU Torchwood of [ profile] knitchick1979. Any original characters or places are my own.
Summary: Jacqueline has a meeting at Torchwood One and it doesn't urn out the way she hoped.
Author's Notes: The characters are used with permission of [ profile] knitchick1979. I know it is gender swapped, but some characters like her bitchiness Yvonne Hartmann stayed the same.
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So, it's almost that time of year. November. When I turn into an insane writing maniac. Okay, when I ignore all else in favor of writing like an insane maniac.

Last year I posted my daily output to my journal unlocked. This year I'm gonna create a filter and flock it, mostly cuz it's Torchwood and between the fact that it could get a little raunchy and my writing lately has been crap, I don't feel like showing it off to the world.

So....who is interested in seeing my NaNo gobbledygook? I'll be creating my filter on Friday probably.

My story this year is going to be set after my TARDIS Big Bang novel, with Jacqueline and Iana travelling with the Doctor, and I haven't decided how I'm going to be accomplishing it, but through the novel there's going to be flashbacks showing how each member of Jacqueline's team ended up in Torchwood and also a major flashback to the Time War. Basically it's my SciFi Big Bang and Torchwood Big Bang stories that I epically failed at writing rolled into one plot in hopes of having enough NaNo fodder.

Oh and it's been announced, Chicago is taking on New York City once again in the Word War. The Gotham wannabes are gonna get crushed by the TRUE Gotham once more!!!!!! (we kicked their butts in 2007)

I just hope I can manage to achieve a win this year. I downloaded the Scrivener NaNo trial and I love it so much! I think I'll be using it for homework and fiction writing, so I am absolutely determined to get a win so I can get the 50% discount on purchasing it in December.

I just wish I could manage to make a novel cover....I don't have access to a graphics program at the moment :( but I did get a great sketch of the Doctor from a person on the NaNo boards! *dances* My sig looks boring too...I hate not having my Paint Shop Pro! Eeerrgh. Oh well, I should be focusing on catching up on homework and getting my ideas in order before NaNo instead of whining about not having a sig graphic.

Anyway....comment if you want to see my NaNo novel as I write it! :D
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Just thought I'd post links to some of my writing. I keep forgetting to post up a link to the story I did for [ profile] wintercompanion and I thought while I'm at it I'll link my other stuff too!

First up, I wrote this for the [ profile] wintercompanion community, they had posted up looking for people to write to prompts as part of a summer festival and I volunteered.

Title: By the Queen's Request
Author: [ profile] knitchick1979
Pairing: Jack/Ianto, Jack/Doctor, Jack/Doctor/Ianto
Rating: PG
Spoilers/warnings: None
Challenge: Summer Holidays
Prompt group: 8: costumes - glasses - greatcoats - protection
Summary: Insanity abounds when the Queen asks Torchwood and the Doctor for protection during a masquerade ball.

More story descriptions and links this way )

Anyway that's some of what I've already finished and posted. Now I'm working up my plots and getting ready to write two Big Bang stories. Yes, I signed up for the Torchwood Big Bang as well as already working on the SciFi Big Bang. Yes, I am insane. :) So, please read and enjoy and comment!
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Yes, I have signed up for it! I'll be working on another story in my Torchwood AU for the Sci-Fi/Fantasy Big Bang.


I'm signed up to write Torchwood/Doctor Who AU (I'm planning on writing my universe's Time War). My wonderful beta, [ profile] crysty_twilight is also going to be writing for it :D I'm trying to talk Carole into writing the prequel to her TARDIS Big Bang for this.

The author signups end June 30th, and the writing period is until October 31st, with stories going to betas November 1st through 15th and stories posted the first two weeks of December. However, since I plan on doing NaNoWriMo again, my goal is to be done much earlier with the fic.

Artist signups (hint hint) go through October 31st. There is an artist sign up list sorted by fandom. (mine will be up there eventually, I just signed up five minutes ago so it's not there yet)

I'm crazy...but I'm also excited. Time to get to doing Time War research! :D
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Yes, it's finally live! There is some spectacular artwork, and very interesting stories there.

I have a story there, "Kiss Her Goodbye" -- it's in my Torchwood AU and there's three really amazing pieces of art for it. I have to go hug my artists, I am in total SQUEEEEEEEE mode and probably scaring the living daylights out the Starbucks baristas.

My friend Carole ([ profile] huskyfriends) also has a story there, hers is called "Children of Time", and it's really awesome. I've gotten to read it from first draft til final and it still doesn't get boring. See if you can tell who the kids are based on ;) It's a bit long (over 80K) but SO SO worth the read!!!

There's a BUNCH of great stories!!! I really cannot wait to sit down and read these...I wonder if I can count them for summer reading? Some of them are as long as real books. ;) I know a few people on my flist and authors that I enjoy are in there. I saw [ profile] erin_giles has a story in there, Damsels in Distress" that I really cannot wait to read :D

Please check out the great stories and artwork there and please let me know what you think!!!!!!!!

I now return you to your regularly scheduled I go off to squee and scream and dance. :D
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So, I'm getting a new laptop. YAY! And since it's totally my dream laptop I'm gonna be babying it like you wouldn't believe ;) So as part of that keeping it as pristine as possible for as long as possible I'm gonna invest in a laptop skin for the lid. Besides, I *need* to advertise my geekery y'know!

I really want a custom Torchwood/Doctor Who design (gee what a surprise), and I'd love to have chibis of the whole Torchwood team (plus the Doctor, Donna, Rose and Martha) and possibly also Myfanwy and Captain John, but also chibis of my AU Torchwood team (and Doctor, Donna, Ross, and Marcus and Captain Joanna Hart). But that's a lot of chibis and I don't really have the money to commission something like that. I mean, one of my favourite Doctor Who artists is open for commissions on DA right now but no more than 2 characters non coloured because she's busy. :(

So I'm debating if I just make something with my awesome graphics manipulation skills (I have the Torchwood logo with blue background that I had on my now-dead laptop and I could add some scanned pictures and stuff) and when I have money invest in a commissioned drawing, or if I should tone down what I want and spend a little less money on a smaller commission.

Anyone know of an artist that's able to do Torchwood drawings and would be able to do some Torchwood chibis cheap? (for some reason the idea of a bunch of chibis in cute poses just appeals to me) At the very least I'd love to have my team drawn.

Ah well, well I ponder that...I gotta think of what I'm going to name this computer! :) Oh and fire up the graphics software to make me some wallpapers. Because the native resolution of the laptop I'm getting is 1280x800, and I don't think I really have any wallpapers that big (for one) and also in that widescreen format. Plus I hardly ever see any in that size to download. So, excuse to make new wallpapers! :D
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Just thought I'd put it out there, who would be interested in reading my TARDIS Big Bang novels as I work on them and offer up suggestions and cheerleading? :) I'm going to create a filter just for those who want to see the work in progress, I really want these to be GOOD and I could really use feedback on how they're coming along.

Also...I have my phone again! *SQUEE* I got to school yesterday, was engrossed in reading about cataloging (srsly, I was so focused that all of a sudden I look up and it's snowing like mad and I'm like "when did that start?") and my dad comes up to me, hands me the new phone. They didn't bother to even look at my fail SD card but that Sprint store is EPIC fail so I'll be looking for a different Sprint to take that too. But at least the camera seems to function, I put my ringers back on but my wallies didn't want to behave. So I stayed up late making all new wallies. About 90% Jack, Ianto, or Janto. What a surprise ;) I also started making some new ringers, Carole's ringer is now a snippet of the best section of "Owen Fights Death" and my friend John now has part of "UNIT Rocks" from the new S4 Doctor Who soundtrack. And I totally am going to make a ringtone out of "Hanging on the Tablaphone" too, because that track rocks out loud!!!!! (that's the really cool music playing while they're trying to reach the Doctor in "Stolen Earth")

So, I've got about half an hour til class, I'm gonna move into the classroom and continue working on my fanfic. Shout out here if you're interested in reading the two TARDIS Big Bang novels as I write them!! One is my AU Torchwood's version of the events of Cyberwoman; the other is also in my AU but it's a mix of "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang", "Utopia", "Sound of Drums", "Last of the Time Lords" with a little borrowed from Torchwood Series 3. Yes, quite the mix :D
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Okay, I had posted this in bits when I was writing it but I'm going to repost it properly :) It's been beta'd, by [ profile] paxieamor and it's ready to be pimped out! My first real finished and beta'd Torchwood fanfic!!

Title: Days of Future Past: Wistful World War II
Author: [ profile] knitchick1979
Characters: Jacqueline, Iana
Rating: PG 13 for some swearing, very mild really
Disclaimer: I don't own Torchwood, but Jacqueline and Iana are my own versions of Jack and Ianto :D
A/N: My first completed Torchwood fanfic. I really could use comments and constructive criticism! I'm working on improving my writing and I've got a huge amount of fic written with this team that will be edited and rewritten and posted soon (I hope) so anything that helps me make my AU universe better is greatly appreciated!

Read more... )


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