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Hi all!

I know, I've been totally neglecting LJ of late. I've been super busy and I haven't really had much to blog about. Plus I started working on my new website.

But, I have decided to squeeze in some time to do a commission or two for the scarf.

I really really want to get the Ghostbusters Ghost Trap that Matty Collector is putting out in a couple of weeks, and since I'm kinda broke, the only way is to raise some fundage.

So I've decided to start with two commission slots, to start with. I've never done knitting for money before, so bear with me!

The price will be $150 for a season 14 (which is the shortest, approx 9 feet), $175 for a season 13 (approx 12 feet), $200 for a season 12 or 12.5 (approx 15 feet or so), and $225 for a season 16/17 (approx 20-22 feet). This includes a yarn cost of about $50 for Vanna's Choice acrylic yarn, and the remainder is for the time it takes to knit the scarf. It's not really a hard pattern, it's just very time consuming because of the sheer length.

If you're wondering about the differences between the seasons, is where I get my patterns, and she has a listing of what serials each scarf appeared in.

If you are interested in other yarns, feel free to ask but the cost will go up. Vanna's Choice is currently the cheapest yarn I can get that's in the right colors. Brown Sheep sport weight is a great wool for the scarf, with lovely colors (I worked on the traveling scarf for Gally in that yarn, and it looked great), but the last time I priced that I wasn't able to find it for less than $100, likely as much as $200.

Anyway, so that's the cost. Time slots will be October and November. Half of the price will be due up front, to pay for the yarn. The remainder will be due when I finish the scarf. I will do my best to get the October slot done by Halloween, if I get the first half of the cost quickly and can start knitting right away. But I will say 4-6 weeks from when I get that first payment just to be safe, since I do have two classes and homework comes first.

The second slot will be started right after I finish the first, again, if I get the first payment in time. I will set my goal to get that one done by Chicago TARDIS, but again, it's dependent on schoolwork.

If all goes well, and I'm not super swamped with end of semester stuff (in addition to normal homework I also have an electronic portfolio to prepare as this is my final semester), I might open a third slot, with a goal to be done by Christmas.

To secure a slot, please email me at mjchrabasz AT gmail DOT com (change the AT & DOT to the symbols, of course), with a subject of SCARF COMMISSION so I don't lose it in all the emails I get :) I can take payment via PayPal, cash, check (but checks I have to wait until they clear, it delays things). If you're local I'll arrange to hand off the scarf ; out-of-town I can ship for an additional $5.

And before I end this -- a few example photos of scarves I've done:


This is the season 16/17 I knit in Vanna's Choice for my boyfriend, when it was about 3/4 completed and starting to get too large to measure in my house. I had a hard time measuring it, but my knitting group is pretty sure it's around the 22 foot mark.


This is the season 13 I knit for myself in KnitPicks Telemark, that I wore at Chicago TARDIS 2010, and in the Masquerade. It's about 10 feet long, and for me, the perfect length for that single neck loop style Tom wore in Pyramids of Mars (my favorite serial). I have gotten so many compliments on the colors in the scarf, I think they're lovely, and I was SO upset when KnitPicks discontinued several of those colors.


This is a photo of me with the Gallifrey One traveling scarf. I didn't knit the whole thing, just the two stripes closest to my hand (I knit them while speaking on a panel to boot!) but this is the one scarf I've worked on in Brown Sheep sport weight yarn.

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