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Phew! This was one crazy weekend! I hope Wizard World doesn't come up against Relay again next year - I need that recovery time. :)

Relay went REALLY well this year. Thanks for the dry thoughts - it looked like we might have rain and then it all disappeared! We just had a little shower around 4 am that was hardly anything.

Final totals won't be added up for a bit yet, but the numbers announced at closing ceremonies put Team GEEK at just over $3,000! We have our Bronze Team sign, and it looks like we might even hit Silver before the Relay fiscal year ends August 31st.

We pulled the raffle winners - Congrats to Esther L. who won the Scarf, Stephanie C. who won the Dalek, and Gina & Jenny L. who won A Reasonable Facsimile Theatre Company tickets!! The video is on You Tube at

Other teams were pushing their raffles, and I bought a couple of tickets from the Shamrock Angels, and won me a pair of Medieval Times tickets!! Considering that [ profile] rengeek and I were just recently talking about going there (and discovering they charge $60 a person), it was the perfect win! (that makes TWO expensive dates I've won for us this summer, as I also won dinner for two at Chama Gaucha, which I'm betting is really pricey)

Saturday was the day of sleep through EVERYTHING including massive severe thunderstorms. :)

Sunday [ profile] rengeek and I were back at Wizard World/Chicago Comic-con. This is a convention I really don't feel like is worth paying for anymore, especially since they overcharge for EVERYTHING - I mean, celebrities I've met and gotten autographs from before were at least $10 more than I'd paid for at other venues (like, Tia Carrere was charging $30 instead of the $20 at Hollywood Palms or Kai Owen charging $20 when his autograph was free at Chicago TARDIS). I really don't like paying $40 to spend a day doing nothing but spending MORE money.

That said, I'd be happy to keep going if I'm doing a booth with the Ghostbusters: Chicago Division. We had our Ecto on display (thanks to Jerry, who did an AMAZING AWESOME job putting it together!!), along with the Vigo lifesize poster, ecto containment unit, and a few miscellaneous props. We were letting people pose for pics with the car, and even wear a proton pack if they donated $1 to the American Cancer Society. We raised over $500, wow! :) Plus it was just so much fun talking to people and posing for photos and even helping the little kids put the pack on. I'd rather spend all day hanging around the Ecto in gear than shopping any time, besides, it keeps me from spending much! I actually only spent $10 at the con itself (for a Browncoats parking permit & a Proton Pack Operator's License)

[ profile] huskyfriends and I also brought the Sarah Jane Traveling Duckie around to visit some people - she met Kai Owen, Charisma Carpenter, Batman, some artists in Artist's Alley, and more. :) I purchased a TARDIS boarding pass for her so she's ready for her travels. We talked up Relay and our team a bit as well!

The highlight of the day though was meeting Jason Narvy (Skull from Power Rangers)! I was standing at the back of our booth and I look over and go "OMG am I dreaming or did Jason Narvy just walk into our booth??" Nope, I was not dreaming. SO not dreaming. He walked back with Zach and Zach asked if Jason could wear my proton pack (which just happened to be sitting on the floor back there) for photos. Of course I said yes! I can't wait to get my laptop fixed & behaving so I can actually POST the pictures. But EPIC AWESOME. :D :D :D Then he tried Ecto Cooler (yes, we had Ecto Cooler! Our esteemed leader Dan has cracked the recipe - it's at ) He was really cool, and it was so awesome to meet him. I'm still on cloud nine!

At the end of the con day the guy in the booth across from us put on the Ghostbusters theme so we all got out there in front of our booth & danced to it. The song ended just as the announcement that the con floor was closed went out. We packed up & then I took [ profile] rengeek and Steve out to Fox & the Hound for wrestling after dropping [ profile] huskyfriends off at home. I got some knitting done :D because I really don't care about wrestling.

Now I should finish journaling & actually get some knitting done at knitting group!
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