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I've been really bad about updating this journal, so sorry. Between computer issues (Lion is a memory hog!) and fundraising for Relay I've been super busy!

Relay is this Friday, and there's still time to donate! We have some awesome fundraisers for Team GEEK this year.

First up - this year we are auctioning off a hand-knit Doctor Who scarf and a hand-knit Dalek! I know a few of my LJ friends have been wanting a Dalek, and my friend & teammate [ profile] wtf is delivering. Every $5 in donations gets you one ticket in the raffle. Donate to me for the scarf (please say it's for the scarf raffle in the notes field), or to Julie for the Dalek (again, please say so in the notes). Donations recieved up until noon on Friday will count (after that we'll be setting up & not as easily able to go online). You can also donate to us in person at our event & get in on the raffle!

The night of the event we will have photos with costumed characters, Disney Princesses and Ghostbusters, for a $1 donation. Bring out the kids or kids-at-heart to get a photo with their favorite character! Details on where, when, & how to get there are at our website, on the event info page (there's even a Google map link!) We'll also be selling sweet treats, raffle tickets for some fun items (including Ravinia lawn tickets), and face painting!

Last, but certainly not least, we have an online auction going on! Check out the lots & details at our team blog,

Think dry thoughts for us Friday night, and please come join us if you're local! We'd love to see you!
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