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Hi all!

I've been woefully neglecting this journal....I had a very busy semester and then went right into OMGACEN prep.

But now that I'm mostly packed I'm taking a break to post my Acen schedule.

Wednesday: You may see my TARDIS over by the hotel briefly as I am picking up my ADH Shelley from the bus station at 7:30, bringing her to the Hyatt, then taking her to dinner at Superdawg. Yay for yummy Chicago traditions! :D

Thursday: It's looking like I'll be arriving at the hotel somewhere around 11 or 12. There is a Mitsuwa run planned, then my department opens up at 4 pm. Special Needs will be open 4-10 pm, but I'll only be covering a break so I'll likely be wandering around, probably in my Ghostbusters uniform. I am going to try to stop in at the Meet & Greet at 8 pm.

Friday: I am on shift in the Hyatt office from 8 am to 3 pm. Not sure what I'll be wearing, either my Ghostbusters uniform or just a t-shirt and Acen sweats. I have to cover a break at 5, but I'll be changing into my Romana costume either before or after I have my dinner. Might make a quick visit to the Exhibit Hall as well, and/or visit the Hallway cosplay contest to enter Romana. I will be at the Doctor Who photoshoot, 7:30 pm at the Loading Docks. Afterward, depending on how tired [ profile] rengeek and I are, might walk across to the Embassy for some karaoke.

Saturday: I am covering a break at 10:30 am in the Stevens, then I'm on shift there from 1 to 6:30 pm. I'm probably going to wear my Rukia in the morning, enter the Hallway cosplay contest, and then do some shopping before covering the break. Then I'll probably run back to my room and change into Femme!Jamie to wear for my shift (or Fourth Doctor, all depends on how warm or cold it is over by Registration). After my shift, I'll be walking back to the Hyatt to turn in my radio & stuffs, go get some food, and probably change into my Ghostbuster uniform. I'm going to the How Not to Write a Lemon panel which should be at 9 pm in the Hilton, and then over to karaoke for a bit.

Sunday: I'm on shift 8 am to 4 pm in the Hyatt office (which will be moving to behind Customer Service for Sunday). Likely wearing either Fourth Doctor or Femme!Jamie. I'll just be chilling, knitting, and watching Doctor Who. :) Sunday is usually pretty quiet and low key, even with loading out. May be sending my roomies to my car with stuffs. Then once we shut down, I'll be running luggage home and then coming back to bring my ADH to the bus station by 7 pm.

Monday we're heading up to Wisconsin to visit Paxie, YAYS! ;D

I have very limited texting to my regular phone number, but I have unlimited texting to my TextFree number. PM me for that. Otherwise feel free to call me, it's not like I will ever run out of minutes! (I seriously have nearly 4,000 rollover minutes banked).

Also, feel free to come visit me while I'm in the Special Needs office!! I love getting visitors, just be aware that if I have to help an actual Special Needs customer, I may have to kick you out briefly. Especially stop by if you have a Doctor Who costume, or Firefly costume, or any really cool costume! I've cleared several gigs worth of memory cards to be able to take LOTS AND LOTS of cosplay photos (which will go up on my Flickr).

See you at the con! :D
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